Why it is important to check their RERA ID and registration?

You follow Amit Raut from 11squarefeet so here is a suggestion for you when you want to buy or sell your property, do business with a registered RERA agent.
So that your buying and selling is safe.

In recent days, some strict rules and regulations have been made in Maha RERA for rera Register Agent, rera also takes them training and exam.
You will feel yourself in the safe zone when you get the property from the RERA registered agent. And the chances of cheating with you will also be useful.
Still, whenever you buy or sell any property, you must take advice from advicer.

When the agents check their RERA ID and registration for the new buyer, It is important to ensure that the RERA ID & Registration  is up to date.
This Process to Use When Selecting an Agent for New Buyers. This is important, as it helps protect them from potential scams and ensures that the agent is qualified to help them with their purchase. You can check their RERA ID and registration online or at RERA office. If they are not registered, they will not be able to help you with your purchase.
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