Why it is important to check pending bills like electricity, water, gas, etc while buying a property?

When you buy a new home, make sure you are taking an asset. Take it that when you buy a house,
 you should not keep any previous liability of that house, like MSEB bill, water bill, gas bill  maintenance, etc.

All these may be small things, but keeping these things in mind while buying a property can help you to a great extent,
 and double the joy of buying a property. You can do better.
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When you are in the process of buying a property, there are many things to think about. 
One of the most important things is to make sure that all bills are up to dates.
Pending charges resulting in failure to pay pending bills, Disconnection of services can even lead to legal action.
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My dear friend these 51 checklist points we have not copy and paste from anywhere that we are working in real estate field in last 15 years and till now more than 1000 people have been given homes and their dreams have been fulfilled.
Whatever problem we have faced while doing all these transactions, the reality is placed in front of you.
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We do not want to earn any money from this blog, just to spread awareness among the customers who buy and sell in their real estate industry. 

Because history is the witness that the person who has land was a big landlord. 

The person who did the business of buying and selling land with honesty and the right system also became a big man and fulfilled all his dreams. 
And the person who had the property, when he was in need, he sold that property also and fulfilled his other dreams, fulfilled his needs. 

Provided that all those people had knowledge of property and finance managment.
Somewhere you must have seen your own people getting ruined.
Thank you friends, will meet again with a new topic, till then bye bye.

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