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Working In Real -Estate Since 10+ Years

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Finanical & Legal Advisory Support
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What Is I.B.O ?

Independent Business Owner

Independent Business Owner

No Time-Boundings

No Time-Boundings

Unity Of IBO's

No Qulification

No Special Qualification Required

No Need To Maintain Accounts

No Need To Maintain Accounts


Direct Deals

Life Time Income Plan

Life time income plan

Risk speedometer

No Risks In Business

Easy Access Of All Properties

Easy Access Of All Properties

Equal Distribution Of Money

Equal Distribution Of Money

Corporate Identity


Post Your Property Free

Post Your Property Free

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Question about IBO ?

IBO works as an independent broker in 11squarefeet.com, a real estate company. Which works all over Maharashtra with Nagpur.

The way to join IBO is very simple. Login to 11squarefeet.com website and click on Partner in the menu and the IBO form below will appear, click on it and fill the form. Who has told you about this IBO resolution, you can add their Introducer’s name and mobile number to the Introducer B column, and in Introducer A you can keep a blank or you can add the name and number of the leader of your Introducer.

Yes, IBO can become anyone who is more than 18 years old and has to do some big work in real going business

 If I see this, there is no restriction, but any project join by  11squarefeet, IBO can not directly join the tie up project.

Like IBO will increase their team and will get some income by doing direct sales and on getting some income from their down line also, there will be further promotion of IBO, gifts, rewards, also get and Further, 11squarefeet can become a partner in the company in the coming time.

 IBOs can earn money as commissions of property sale rent in a real estate project of 11squarefeet by finding themselves the customer, and company introductors on their IBO deal in their down line. Can payout to IBO.

IBO can join anyone except your business partner, family member, and IBO should have a single ID.

You can sell in the project market of 11squarefeet Company by becoming an IBO, Authorize will become a channel partner. And you can also create your own down line below you. Are special offers given to channel partner IBO?

IBO will receive payment in the form of a commission after any deal is made in 11squarefeet and the customer’s agreement to sell will be paid. But getting paid will depend on project to project.

11squarefeet will provide IBOs with Brochures, Site visits will be done first time, Sales Executives will also be provided for support, all work will be done by 11squarefeet for IBO Customer’s Bank Loan to Legal Document.